Well, we paid off 4 thousand towards the snowball this summer and it feels great

The goal is to put another 5 thousand towards it before the end of the year. It’ll be tough but we are going to try. It depends upon having no unexpected expenses.

I have not yet started sinking funds for anything other than Christmas. I want to pay off the first card before we do so. After that 5 thousand, we’ll be there. Then, I’ve got to figure out what sinking funds we need.

Best of all, both kids are on board, but their motivation is that they want to go to Disney World and we have promised them that when the snowball for step 2 is at zero, we will save and go. Our lofty goal is for 2 to 3 years from now. So, when they used to ask for things at the store, when we say that we are saving money, they remind each other why. It’s a ton easier that way.

Also, I had asked about ebay and then never responded. I ended up deciding that i need to develop things more before I add a store. But, I have been taking advantage of the listing offers that they send about twice a month. I made 240 in August and my goal is 300 hundred for September, so and i decided to get one thousand loan at LendMe service.

Right now, I sell a combination of things that I get second hand for super low prices and things that I have in the house that we don’t need anymore. In the past, I would have given them away, but now I am using them to make extra money. So, my actual expenses are pretty low. I have a book that I keep track of the items, what (if anything) I paid for it, what it sells for, and what the costs around the sell are. I typically make between 5 and 20 dollars per item so I am pretty much selling small stuff. I have two kids that have outgrown so many clothes and shoes that are still in great shape and I have found some boutique brand clothing and shoes at thrift stores. I never pay more than 2 dollars for anything and I now have a bunch of stuff sitting downstairs that is ready to be put it. It’s just that it takes time to do it. And, it takes time to browse at thrift stores, but I have learned to watch for the sale days when they discount items even more than normal. But, I managed to put up 100 items during the last promotion and now things are really selling. I think that I’ll meet my goal this month.

We did just splurge on our yearly trip to a local amusement park, but I got discounted tickets and I used money from my sales to pay for it. So, in a sense, we saved for it ahead of time. It feels good to know that something is paid for ahead of time and will not add to debt.

Now, the trick is going to be to stay within our budget for Christmas. That will be the only way to meet our goal for the end of the year. Traditionally, Christmas time is a going into debt time so it is going to be hard.