We seem to be having duhhhh moments around here

First the thing with having the wrong default address for sending email. Then the fact we’ve been making do with one sweeper in a multi-level house for MONTHS which has meant a whole of carrying one up and down stairs and as a result far less than normal vacuuming being done.

Then a couple of weeks ago dh asked me what was wrong with the black vacuum in the garage. Black vacuum? What black vacuum? It was my grandmother’s, she died about 7 years or so ago and it has been down there ever since. A new belt ($1.50) and a new bag ($2.50) and I now have a new downstairs sweeper. Duhhhh!

Then there was the duck hunt I posted about a week or so ago. Did that post go through? I need to check. We spent all that time in the sun because I forgot to take water? Duhhhh!

Then there are the folks calling us to “borrow” money, I know that post didn’t go through, I saw it in the bounced folder. Basically it’s folks who have made fun of us for following the DR way of life, one has even so far as to call us stupid fools for doing it. Now they know how close we are to killing the credit cards and suddenly they need money from us. “A small loan, you know, just to get their cc bills down a bit so they can live easy again.” Only we know from experience that none of the folks wanting to “borrow” never pay back and will never consider doing a budget of their own until they hit rock bottom. So that is a huge DUHHHH! On their part, no money is going their way.

Dh even told the one that called us stupid fools “Well this stupid fool has been paying al his bills and is nearly debt free and until you get “stupid” too I can’t see my helping you.” He said that felt so good because the fellow’s remark has really irritated him for quite awhile.

We had another family member make a run at dmil’s emergency fund. Not quite as bad as THE sil, at least they were polite enough to call us and ask for some of “Mom’s money” to get them over the hump until their next check came in. When dh said sorry that their lack of planning was not an emergency on Mom’s part and that fund was strictly for dmil’s emergencies. The person said they’d call Mom. Dh told them to go ahead, she’d probably be glad to hear from them since they hadn’t called her in six years and oh btw if you find a phone number that works for her please let us know. Talk about a duhhhh person!

Can you tell I’m cranky? Broke a tooth and I am not amused. I have been blessed with good teeth all my life so this failure irritates me. The tooth doesn’t even hurt, just has sharp edges and makes me cranky.

On a brighter note. I sold one book on amazon, just one, but I sold it for $58.99!!! Shipped it today! I also find I MAY have a buyer for several of my historical re-enactment clothes and equipment that could net me a decent sale. No guarantees, but I’m working up individual prices and bulk purchase price for her. She says if the price is right she’ll take it all! Now finding the right price for both of us. Wish me luck.

Dh and ds have got to work a small amount of overtime, that adds to our snowball, they may even work more this week.

DS great Millie Moment was last Friday morning. The boss called him in and first of all complimented him on how pleased the customer that ds had been farmed out to had been with ds’ work. Pats on the back are always good.

Then the fellow asked him if he’d be willing to go do a 6-8 week walk-down once the weather cools off soon. He said yes.

Then the supervisor told him he had put in for another pay raise for ds and he knew it had been approved, but not for how much. Ds has to wait to next pay day to find out how much. Considering the guys both just got $1 an hour raises in May this was a total shock on ds. I guess the client must have been really pleased with his work!

Dh may have to go on that walk down with ds, we are hoping with dh’s new job title that won’t happen, but if so it should be interesting being home alone all week for that amount of time—they’d come home on weekends.
I’ve been cleaning like a champion, and seem to be making very little headway for the amount of time I am putting in, but when I finish each area it really shines!
I’ve also been working on Webfoot Tub a lot more and hope to get several new items up on the site soon.
Into our third month of pretty much living out of food storage. Ds did purchase 10# of ground beef about 3 weeks ago, but I still have most of it.