We have paid off two of the bills from my husband’s surgery

the only one we doctor to pay off. Of course the doctor is the one we owe the most amount of money too, about $700. We were able to pay the two off in full. They offered a pay in full discount and we took advantage of that. The doctor won’t do that and having paid the other two in full, we can’t afford to pay the doctor in full. They will take monthly payments and they are interest free.

So here’s my question. I am treating this like a debt to that takes us back to step two, right? It get confussing because we have a fully funded ER fund and were on step 4. So should we stop contribting to the Roth IRA and the 401K until this debt is paid off? The 401K through my husbands work is only 2% since his company doesn’t really match much at this time (we have it at 2% so if they start to match we are already active and can increase the amount) and we fund the Roth IRA at about 8%. We could also use of ER fund to pay it off, but I think my hubby and I agree that isn’t the way to go. We don’t feel comfortable using it when the doctors office will take payments and not charge us interest.