We can afford to take about $150 each month

from our cash flow by making some changes to our budget. Nothing we can do for long term but we can for about 5 months. Plus due to the cold weather here there’s been a high demand for propane so my hubby has worked about 50 hours the last two weeks. That means his last paycheck and the one next week have about 10 hours of OT on them. We are planning to use that money directly to pay the doctor. Hopefully we can pay him off in 4 months with the changes to our budget and the OT pay.

We don’t want to take the money out of our ER fund. We worry about “murphy” coming to visit. And we know that paying ourselves back is a hard task for us. Some people are tempted by credit cards or really good sales….we are tempted at not paying ourselves back. our weakness is “date day” which means lunch out. It’s easier for us to say no date day than to say we have the money in our budget but we have to pay our ER fund back instead. That is one thing we will cut out until we pay off the doctor. I know it sounds strange, but like I said we all have weaknesses and that is ours.