The answer to that question has far too many variables to be answered online

However, the way to find the answer is easy, pick up the phone and call 2 or 3 day care centers and ask about rates. Then call a couple of inhome daycare providers and ask the same. Then you’ll have an idea of what people in your area are paying and that will help set your rates.

Another angle to try is to focus on childcare for before and after school. Esp. if you are willing to help with transportation to and from scouts and other clubs. there is a shortage of that type of childcare in my area. My friends who have had to find childcare for school aged kids during the school year are finding out they have to pay full childcare costs for just a couple of hours a day. The advantage is that you have your mornings free to do errands and housework plus if you are dealing with 5 to 10 year olds for just 2 to 4 hours, you can take as many kids are will comfortable fit into your car. Or if you are close enough, they can walk to your house.