Not all online banking deposits work this way

(my small local bank made their own app but it doesn’t work), but with CapOne360, as long as you have a clear image of the front and the back, you’re good to go. Their website’s instructions say you can scan it or snap a picture with your phone.

I will tell you, though, it’s fairly picky about the quality of the images. I use my portable scanner and I always have to tweak the contrast and so on until CapOne finally accepts it. I did notice that one check I received had a security feature that made the image say “VOID VOID VOID” or something when I scanned it in black and white. I didn’t think I should try submitting that, but scanning it in color, the image looked like the check.

You do get immediate feedback if the image quality isn’t acceptable. I’ve had it tell me they can’t read the check or they can’t read the numbers at the bottom of it, and that comes back pretty much instantly.
One odd thing that they suggest is to put a heavy black dot in each of the four corners of the check. Evidently, this helps their recognition software lock in on it better but I’ve never tried it.

Once you get past that, it will tell you that you have successfully *submitted* the check for deposit, but NOT to void the check or destroy it until you get confirmation that the deposit was complete (this has usually happened within an hour for me). Once that happens, you’re all done with it. I’m still getting used to the idea that this check, that appears to be a perfectly good financial instrument, should now go into the shredder…