I thought I would give you a heads up

We have our emergency fund in a capitalone360 savings and our regular checking separate. When they were ING we had it set up so if I made an error and ever used overdraft it would automatically pull the money from savings. This was just a in case thing I don’t plan going into overdraft .It was to keep me from bouncing anything or getting fees. I am dyslexic and liked having the cushion. Capitalone 360 no longer doe this. So, if your account is set up like mine you might want to keep a few extra bucks in it. This morning paypal accidentally drafted ebay fees that wasn’t suppose to be drafted.I had the fees already in my paypal. It didn’t pull from savings. Capitalone 360 fixed it and paypal admited it was their fault. If it had been my fault I would have been charged fees even though I had plenty of money in the other account. 😉