I figure we would have about 6-8 months in our house before they foreclose

That time will enable us to save money toward renovation costs. We have never rented before because there are no homes available in this area that are accessible in the way we need. Really we have looked and have worked with agencies to try to find a proper alternative to buying but they can’t find one either. We tried to rent before we bought this house because prices were high but none then either. I volunteer with the ARC (association for retarded citizens) and they routinely help with living issues so I know I / they are looking for help in all the right places.The only type of rentals are smaller condos / townhouses that only have two bedrooms. We have my mother living with us and with 4 children dh and I that is 7 people, to many for a 2 bedroom. We have to buy. If we buy a cheap house and don’t have a mortgage then we will be able to put all the mortgage money toward a 3 month emergency fund and then reinvest in our 401K, taking about 5 years to get back to the point we are at now. If we didn’t have to go bk then we would still be paying down the original debt we had and not able to contribute to the 401K for a couple of years anyway. My thought is in less than 5 years we will be back to near where we would have been anyway except we will be mortgage free as well.