I agree on the hand rails

– got the wood to make it but don’t know how – one of the ex’s projects that he never got around to, ya know?
Oh – good point! I’ll pop some picks up and lets see, here’s a rundown of the current crew:
Old Man Quan – Belgian Tervuren, 62lbs of grumpiness – 9 years old and almost completely blind.
Ben-Ben – Belgian Tervuren – 65lbs and he’s about 26″ at the shoulder, currently stepping into Quan’s pawprints very competently.
Kiki – Belgian Tervuren – 55lbs – she’s Quan’s seeing-eye girl.
Gandalf – Ben & Kiki’s 12 week old son – still waiting for the right home to show up. In the meantime, he’s an excellent companion while I’m doing chores and following closely in his daddy’s pawprints with regard to his calm demeanor around the animals – temperament being the hardest thing to keep stable in Belgians as a herding breed.
Fleur – Ben & Kiki’s 12 week old daughter who is staying. She doesn’t rebound as quickly as I’d like so unless a really experienced home comes along, she’s a keeper.
Then there are the Icelandic crew who range between 18 – 35lbs.
Skundi – Icelandic Sheepdog – excellent herding dog and all around oozer onto laps
Shadow – Icelandic Sheepdog – chief instigator – but has heart and determination
Kweeba – Icelandic Sheepdog – excellent hog dog – gotta see to believe it
LooLoo – Icelandic Sheepdog – the Diva and alpha – she’s what I call the california girl since she hates to get her feet wet.
Libbye – Icelandic Sheepdog – Skundi and Kweeba’s daughter – hell on wheels, a tough little working dog with so much heart and focus, a real trooper.