Aha! Okay, that makes sense

(If I don’t ask the questions, I’ll never get the answers, right?) I’m slowly grasping this, just be patient with me 🙂

So do people who pay off the entire balance every month not realize that they are still paying interest?

I prefer the balanced budget since it doesn’t give me any nasty surprises in the summer. I tried the other way and it doesn’t work for me. Plus PSO tend to get irate at chopping and changing, especially since the last 2 years I’ve had a few close calls with disconnection that I really don’t want to revisit. I know it seems silly, but emotionally I need to feel secure that my utilities are not going to get turned off. I’d rather have a nice surprise and not have to pay the electric bill at all for one or two months at the end of the year and plow that into paying off something or putting it into savings and paying for kerosene.

I doubt Mr. Ballanger will do that – then again, he is 88 years old trundling over in his tractor and bringing me the bales when I need them (rain or shine) and placing them where I need them AND he’s storing them in one of his barns for me so I’m quite content to be paying $35 for a 1000lb bale. Another $205 to go and then I’m good until June/July.