As some that has done licensed day care for 21 years, I agree with

1) prices vary from place to place and even by what side of town you live on. Our town is about 50,000 people. My side of town, I’m getting about $125 a week. The other side of town is getting more like $135 or $140 a week. Ten miles outside of town, they are getting $175. The difference is there is a huge, college town about an hour from here (Ann Arbor, MI). The closer to Ann Arbor, the higher the cost of day care. Last I hear, providers in Ann Arbor were getting $250 a week.

2) Day care is not like it used to be. Liability, insurance, licensing, they are all important now. Especially if you are going to be driving the kids. Did you know that second most day care accidents happen in the car? The first is the swing set.

One more decison to think about. If there is no school, are you still going to watch the kids? Will you offer care for sick kids? That’s another place that there is a huge need for day care. Summer care?