No, you can’t do that

Remember AVERAGE DAILY BALANCE you add that $235 to your card for even one day and it jumps your average daily balance up not only by that but by the higher interest (that is also then compounded) so you will be paying a LOT more. Utilities don’t charge interest. Since you don’t use your furnace, why not get off the average monthly pay for at least the winter months? Unless your usage was much higher than your average pay all summer—which I doubt it was since the tv was no longer running all day (and other considerations). You might just find you have an excess on the electric bill. Even if you don’t your winter bills should be lower and you could use that savings to get rid of that greedy cheetah—or two.
You are NOT striving to pay that cc off every month you are striving toward NEVER having to use a cc again. I know it’s scary, but you will be so much better off without them. You can’t imagine the pride you will feel when it comes time for next year’s hay and you can say “if I pay you cash will you give me a discount” and they say “Yes” and you can do it without even batting an eye!
You cannot borrow your way out of debt. It just sinks you further to try to do that. Even those 0% offers can nuke you because of the “transaction fee.”

No more credit cards

Cut that puppy up. do not place the $235 on the credit card. You are done using credit cards. Do you hear me? Your goal is to payoff that $440.52 ASAP and never charge on it again. The only thing you should see on those cards is payments, payments, and more payments.